We specialize in transporting children with special needs!

“Live in the Bronx, Work in the Bronx”

Become a member of our family oriented team. If you live in the Bronx, come work in the Bronx! Aren’t you tired of driving ‘Out of Borough’ routes?! Aren’t you tired of driving Big buses?! GVC offers unique job opportunities with 95% Bronx to Bronx routes with a fleet that is 98% mini vans! If you are a professional CDL driver with your Passenger & School Bus endorsements then you will be immediately qualified to join our family. If you’re missing any of the endorsements, don’t worry, still come in and we will help train you and even provide you a bus for you to take your test in. It is our goal to help any person who is willing to transport “The World’s Most Precious Cargo” have the opportunity to do so. We are honored to add your unique skills and talents to our family. We are aware that not everyone can schedule an interview during the normal 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday schedule and we are sensative to these needs. Saturday Interviews are also available upon request.